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WordPress has become a stranger to me, and I am only slowly getting reacquainted.

When I started posting here again recently, after a long time off, I was pleased to find that readers were finding my posts and often Liking them. I wasn’t doing anything to publicize, so this attention was especially delightful. Naturally, I wanted to visit and read in return. But the first time I wanted to Like something, I could not figure out how. I looked for Like buttons on other blogs, and had no luck. What does it mean, I wonder, that I can’t find them even on my own posts, when other readers have been able to leave Likes?

Please be assured that I am interested in others’ writings and have been visiting. If you have any clues to the mysteries alluded to herein–feel free to leave a comment. As far as I know, they are enabled to those logged in to WordPress and the general public alike, but who knows. I don’t know what the default settings are, and I might once have clicked on the wrong thing and never even known it.

It isn’t just that I’m old(-ish); I’ve been online for a long time and was pretty active once. No, one just gets really, really tired of having to figure out the same things over and over because they change just a little too much to keep up with readily. Web sites seem to me like the teachers we all hated–the ones who gave a million hours of homework as if their class were the only one, as if we weren’t also juggling who knows how many other demands. My patience for all this is far more limited than my mental capacity.

Regardless, I will continue to post poems and tell a little about them and the process by which they came. If anyone is interested in poetry, and especially the magic inherent to its manifold ways–the magic that activates in both practitioners and sensitive hearers–I am here.

And if anyone would like to share outside resources along the same lines, as well as or rather than your personal insights, you are welcome here too.


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