Fading Autumn Days

This could hardly be newer. I’m not giving my self time to decide if I should post it or not!

16 September 2014


Fade Out of You

By mountains all covered with will o’ the wisps, and little fey clouds that just shine where they like,
why will you stare with such mournful regard where the sky is yet glowing, like flowers, each spike
a live flame that will only bloom harder and longer the moment the Sun passes out of near sight?
Turn me my head till it spies in the distance the nearest, now oncoming true lunar light—
Why will my staring at you make such strange mad impressions arise out of very deep streams?
Now when I watch with most holy regard for the waters that know me, I dream your death-dreams:
Hands, they are everywhere; hands filled with flowers, birds, then they open; hands reach out for you,
and skies filled with star-cloud formations whose rapt conversations appear as long lines drenched with dew
that reach back and forth, as they all sing your praises; these ancient songs then rush swiftly to me,
opening stars in the mind of their hearer as words all align in a space I can see,
and touch with my hands as I strain to record it so faithfully, I cannot lose it again.
Mountains before me, all covered with fey living lights, will I live past the next drenching rain?

When things settle down a bit, I’ll tell the story behind this. Oh, yes, there is one.

In the meantime, I’m Sealed.


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